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Chris Zorich is an expert in Leadership, Team and Personal development processes that are used by some of the most recognized successful companies and universities in the world. He has helped shape many successful leaders,  coaches, managers, students, and employees.

Chris is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant and executive collegiate professional. Chris has addressed thousands of men, women, and students each year – on the subjects of leadership, team dynamics, and peak performance. 

Prior to becoming an authority on teamwork, leadership and personal development, Chris learned many principles of team dynamics and peak performance from his experiences in the National Football League (NFL) with the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins.

Chris has over 30 years of experience and participation with in-depth knowledge of the collegiate and professional athletic industry. Expertise in various aspects of sports administration in both private and public Division I environments with a strong record of academic achievement, fiscal/risk management, gender equality, Title IX investigations, legal affairs, fundraising/development success, FBS football game scheduling & contract management, and national athletic prominence. Chris has presented to audiences ranging from small to large groups of people. From the boardrooms of prestigious companies, Academic Institutions, Professional Sports Franchises, and Amateur Athletic Associations, Chris has earned the reputation as a dynamic presenter, facilitator, executive leader, and friend.

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